Information on Outriggers

Outrigger faq
Info on the International Va'a Federation (outrigger)
Outriggers I've Paddled
How to Size Your Outrigger Paddle
How to Size Your Outrigger Paddle
Paddling a Double Bend
Details of an Outrigger Roof Rack
2008 V1_men final: World Championship (gm)
Thoughts on calling V6 turns in a sprint race

Coaching and Training Information

Why You Should Care About Your Maximum Heart Rate
How Bad is Negative Paddle Angle
Paddling Technique Checklist
Some research on what makes an outrigger go fast?
Positive Views on Negative Paddle Angle
Here's how I changed my "Setup" position!
Typical Time Trial Result Statistics
How important is that forward catch?
How important is stroke length?
Some of my thoughts on conventional paddling wisdom
Paddling "In Sync" Revisited
Be "In Sync" for Starts
How to evaluate time trial results

Coaching Programs and Clinics

Outrigger Clinic
Group Clinic for Outrigger
Full Day Clinic Outline
Outrigger Lesson 1 : Checkout
Outrigger Time Trial Clinic
Outrigger Clinic Participation Guidelines
2020 Baja Paddle Camp

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