Outrigger Canoe Instruction and Coaching

The Benefits of Outrigger paddling

If you paddle Dragon Boats, getting time on the water can be a challenge. You already know that the best way to develop your ability to paddle is to paddle. Outrigger paddling is a great way to get more time on the water and for that reason, outrigger canoeing has become a very popular paddling sport, especially at dragon boat clubs. Since the position of the paddler and the paddle stroke used for those two boats are very similar, the training benefits are dramatic.

It's Convenient: You can get out paddling on your own schedule without having to co-ordinate with 20 other paddlers. Just grab your paddle and GO!. If you enjoy paddling with a buddy, convince even one of those other paddlers on your team that it's time to paddle and you're on your way.

It's Effective and Efficient: With a one or two lessons, you will know what to do and how to do those things right. Then experiment! Use a GPS and you'll be able to try some adjustments to your stroke and see whether they help you go faster or not - you just can NOT do that in a Dragon Boat. Since the strokes are so similar, what you learn is portable right back to your seat in that Dragon Boat. Have you ever wondered what the coach means by "connecting with the water". In an outrigger you'll understand, real quick!

Take responsibility for your own training: Yes, there's no "I" in team, but you are responsible for your own improvement. There's no better way to achieve your own personal paddling objectives than using your own trianing program, tailored to your needs, in a boat where you control the program. An outrigger provides you with the freedom to focus on your own paddling.

Testing: For some paddlers, "time trials" sends shivers down their spine - but the fact is that more and more coaches see these time trials as an excellent way of monitoring personal improvements in fitness and technique. Many paddlers have already seen the benefit of outrigger training and testing and have bought into the benefits of outriggers. It doesn't take much time or effort to get comfortable in an outrigger and with a little help you can learn how to show your ability to best advantage in that next time trial. With a few lessons, there no more reason to dread those time trials - you might even find you enjoy them!

It's fun!: Many paddlers who tried outriggers found they provide a whole new paddling opportunity and paddling experience and have taken up outrigger paddling for its own sake - it's another way to enjoy being on the water. There are local and regional competitions and for those who get "hooked", World Championships are held every 2 years - there are many sprint and distance races to choose from.

It pays to learn and develop your paddling skills. Make sure you start with expert instruction and you'll discover that outrigger paddling is a fun and effective way to improve your paddling .

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